Sunday, March 3, 2013

Initial D: Vol. 44 - Chapter 649

Finally the end of Volume 44, look for Volume 45 to start week


  1. Awesome thanks for the continued releases of this great series =D

  2. Thanks for working on that manga!

    Nevertheless, last chapters are all about mangaka trying very hard to justify the epic driving skill of Keisuke... Like:
    1. make him win in hardest conditions
    2. explain it somehow - because he had special training earlier (that wasn't shown at that time) or something else...
    Every time like this. How about trying something new for a change?..

  3. Thank you!!!

    Ah, did you see this news?
    "This year's 15th issue of Kodansha's Young Magazine is revealing on Monday that Shūichi Shigeno is "at last" heading toward the finale of his Initial D manga. However, the exact date of the final chapter has not been revealed yet. The magazine will be giving away Initial D goods to 715 readers of the magazine's 16th issue."
    Source: ANN

    Will initial D end this year? :0