Saturday, July 27, 2013

Initial D: Vol. 46 - Chapter 670

Here's this weeks chapter. Gotta love Bunta's reaction.


  1. Dude, I can't wait to see this battle. It's going to be amazing! Thanks for the translation guys, I've been waiting for years for someone to pick this manga back up!

  2. There's talk around that the chapter released on 29th july would be the last of the series... Is that right? That means your releases are actually behind compared to the published volumes right? I mean, your following release couldn't be the last because then Takumi would only get one chapter for its race after reading almost 20 chapters of Keisuke's most boring race. Is there any reason you have to release in a weekly basis if these chapters have already been published in japan? I don't intend to criticize your job or anything, i'm just curious about this existing gap

    1. That is correct. The last chapter had been released and Japan and one of the forums have done a rough translation of it. I will continue to do these released until I am completely caught up.

      I release them on a weekly basis because it takes me time to translate them, and I'm doing this as a hobby and a free service.

    2. I see, i appreciate your reply, and i truly hope you didn't take my comment in a wrong way. I'm not trying to put pressure on you or anything like that, it's good enough already that you're doing this when no other group seems to care about the manga.

      I'll be looking forward to your next releases, keep up the good work ;)