Monday, May 28, 2012

New Member! Stephen Love!

So been in talks with a friend of mine to help me with releasing the manga, and he's decided he wanted to help me out so I brought him aboard. His name is Stephen, and I'll let him introduce himself.


What’s up everybody? My name is Stephen Love, and I’m secondary editor of Kinch’s manga’s dialog text. What I do specifically is proof read the dialog in the manga and suggestions on what would be best write in terms of translating the character’s speech. I feel that I’m adequate for this secondary editor position due to the fact of my years on years of reading manga’s and even creating several of my own mangas, being the artist and editor at the same time. You can visit my gallery of some of my artwork here:

I’m also the team leader of LOUD –N PROUD that your very own Kinch is a member of. For further information about me, visit my Facebook page here:

I'm really excited to have him onboard with me, and his first edits will be appearing on this weeks chapter. Be sure to check back on Friday for ch. 598 of Initial D!

- Kinch

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  1. Very much appreciated!! been waiting months for some updates :)